Possible configurations

Your ZURNEK ® double crop module kit lets you even more configurations:

  • In the third level you can set elongated pots crossed to the direction of the shelves, so you can let the bigger plants have more room to grow.
  • Remember that climbing plants do also climb down. Use the steel bars as guides to order their growth. If you are using several modules you can separate them and set guides between the modules. This is a smart way to increase your plants’ volume.
  • If you want to grow plants that are not very big, you must assemble the module with all the elements. You can retire shelves and railings as the plants grow, and you´ll always have room to keep your tools between the legs of the module.
  • ZURNEK ® double crop modules are also prepared to be divided by two and then to be used exactly as the wall modules are, except that you´ll have to do without the top shelf. You’ll be able to perform all this simply with only the elements provided with the assembly kit.
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