Help us designing the new ZURNEK ® CROP TABLES

You’ll not be able to find then in your retailer yet because we are taking our time to design the new ZURNEK @ product for the urban gardeners: our crop tables.

ZURNEK ® crop tables are to be made of larch wood, that has the right characteristics of stregth and durability to work in permanent contact with wet soil. The wood always come from sustainable forests.

The novelty ZURNEK ® crop tables bring is the use in the bottom tray of a draining sheet that will make your table work as a slow watering vase, reducing the hidric stress always asociated to crops not performed directly on the ground.

From here we humbly ask all the crop table users to help us design the best possible product. Describe us your ideal crop table. What size should it be? Is it useful to have a lower tray to leave tools or materials or should it be offered as an option? ¿Are plastic covers convenient to protect the crops or do you think that small greenhouses bring more hassles than benefits? Should we put wheels on the table or not?…
Please write us with your experiences or with anything you want to share to
Urban farming