• ZURNEK is the new set of crop modules that will allow you to design and create your own vegetable garden in your home
  • It all started as a way to adapt ourselves to the new changing environment, to maintain our objectives of work insertion and to take advantage of the knowledge, experience and work of all of us who work in ZURTEK.
  • Some projects acquire their own life during their development, taking ways that didn’t even seem to be there while they were conceived. This is the case of our project related with urban horticulture. We started with our vertical crop modules and we are advancing towards the development of a complete set of solutions for urban horticulture activities: wooden crop fake rolex tables and horizontal vegetable garden solutions to be fitted in flat roofs. They will all be soon available in our catalogue.
  • ZURNEK comes from “ZURezko NEKazaritza”, which means “horticulture out of wood” in Basque language. It is our contribution made out of wood to the agriculture