ZURNEK is not only a set of solutions for the urban gardening, it is also a process made of learning, innovation and understanding the use of the resources available.

All this is true in a personal level of each of us who have worked in this project and also as a company and as a group. This project is contributing to us with new ideas, viewpoints and experiences that we hadn’t faced before.

We are learning that many people is moving in this direction and corroborating what we already knew: the one who walks alone walks faster, but the ones who walk together walk further. With this website we would like to ease the access to more information and other people’s ideas, realities and experiences.


But it is not all about thinking and imagining. We have a real project and a goal. Vegetable gardens have always been there, but in the moving society that we live in, people ways of life do not stop changing. Our objective is to keep on adding value to the people who buy our products and also to all the society that we live in, promoting the social inclusion. From the design of the product to the delivery of the goods, our innovation effort is destined to put in the market solutions which will ease the wholesalejeans leisure and the learning process of all the people, specially urban dwellers with no access to cultivable land or the ones with access handicaps such as elderly or handicapped people.


ZURNEK is a dynamic concept: Same as a garden that grows and changes, we are working to continue offering you proposals that fit best to your needs. Do not hesitate to tell us your suggestions and commentaries through