BIORTU, a resident project of EUTOKIA, (the center for social innovation of Bilbao),  whose goal is to promote urban vegetable gardens, is building right now a new instalation in the roof of the Fundación Peñascal building, in Bolueta, Bilbao.

The garden is being created in order to have a proper instalation to give urban gardening courses, with an special emphasis to the season’s products.

The courses will have a theretical part, to be given in the EUTOKIA classes located in the same building, and also a workshop part, which will be performed in the garden of the roof, where the students will be able to work the land with their own hands and therefore acquire first hand knowledge of the themes studied.

The vegetable garden being built at this moment will be formed by for lots of horizontal garden 9,6 square meters each, four 1m2 crop tables, five ZURNEK ® 1,7m2 double crop modules and six  ZURNEK ®  0,85 m2 wall crop modules, totalling aproximately 56 m2 of workable land.

Each student will manage a 2 m2 lot, enough surface for this introduction to urban gardening which will be given by an agronomist engineer.

Aplication term is now open

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